Subject: some advise please

We wish to take a train to Pisa or Florence from Paris . ( and rent a car in one of those cities to go to Sicily), initially I thought of returning the car in the other city and take the train back to Paris. Now I do not know what to do. :-(

AS you can see I know very little about European trains, I am surprised because the direct night train Paris-Florence takes two more hours than the direct Paris-Pisa.

I would like to choose a good train.... I noticed that the train called Palatino goes to Pisa but not to Florence?...Florence seems to have a good train service going to Paris but only with changes in Milano which I do not wish to do.

Is anyone familiar with trains in those routes? I could take some advise.

Leonardo are you there? you seem to master that region. Grazie mille.

Graziella Cattarossi.Miami Beach.