Subject: RE: Nelson, B.C.
---Hi, John. We both enjoyed Nelson very much. It's a small town, but we found it to be very pleasant, and there were several interesting buildings. We weren't there very long - we arrived in the afternoon and left the next morning, but it's small enough that we walked around the whole town. We also found a great place for dinner, with delicious and very unusual food.

---I don't know what Nelson would be like in the dead of winter, though...

>BTW, have you had a chance to do much sightseeing in Mexico?<

---I've been doing a lot more than my husband. I often go out of town for the day during the week, with other embassy wives. Just waiting now, until my exam is over, then I'm going to really hit the road!

--So when's your next trip to Mexico...?

Laurie in Mexico City (formerly from Rome)