Subject: Paris Restaurant
Hello Ziners,

My wife just arrived from Paris and she is not going to stop bothering me until I tell you about a restaurant she ate at a few nights ago.

It was, she tells me, excellent food at a great price on a boat tied up along the Seine. She says it is nouvelle cuisine in presentation but not in the amount of food. (Editorial Comment: I always get annoyed when they bring me a quarter of a baked potato, a carrot stick and a tiny piece of meat and present it voila!.)

Anyway the place is called 'La Compagnie Du Ruban Bleu'. It is at Port de la Rapee (one of the quays along the river). The phone number is 01-43-41-1155. Is is small so if you go make a reservation.

The price for a three course menu is 210 FF ($28 US).

Bon appetite! Jude