Subject: Re: London at Chirstmas
Yes, it's true that much is closed on the 2 days mentioned, but we had a good time anyway. The metro and regular bus systems don't run, there are special buses (few and far between) that run. You have to walk to the closest stop in your neighborhood. We enjoyed the lack of traffic in the city - it was fun to walk around the quiet streets with no cars, buses, etc. in between us and the famous sights, with lots of other tourists, by the way, as well. There were many more restaurants open than we had heard, and we had no trouble finding a good celebratory meal. The abundance of concerts and special events before and after the 25th and 26th are certainly worth being in town for. We totally enjoyed Christmas eve services and concerts at several churches. So yes, it'd be best to be at a country estate for Christmas day, but spend some time in the city as well. Enjoy- Anne in VA