Subject: Re: New York at Christmas
Hi Elaine and Donna, Thanks for your enthusiastic seconds to our Christmas trip! This will be my first trip to NYC as a tourist so I'm looking forward to it.

Yep, we're planning a dinner at Tavern on the Green and have tickets to Radio City Music Hall Christmas show. Also have tkts to Lion King, oxygen section, one seat is behind a pole but it's the best we could do, and what the heck it IS Lion King. Good seats to Miss Saigon and I'll probably get tkts to a few more in next week or so. We already have a hotel (I forgot which one already) but it's not the Wellington. Drat. I'm an aspiring artist and seasoned art lover so the art museums are a must as well as the planetarium and we love architecture so there will be lots of looking and walking. Hope to get to the Cloisters as well. Anything you think of will be greatly appreciated especially since you both love the city you probably have some favorite things to do--favorite restaurants etc. And I certainly don't mind being touristy as that's the point of this trip.

Speaking of loving cities, you live in my home town Donna. Was there last month and as we were strolling along on Harbor Island after dinner looking at San Diego across the water I fell in love with my city all over again.

Best, Lyn Dallas