Subject: Africa Travel (WAS: Jude's travels)
Hi Erica,

No I have never been to Africa but it has been my wife's dream to go there. She has friends that now live in Pretoria and Cape Town. We are planning to use their places as bases from from which to visit the country.

There is a travelogue from one of TheTravelzine members about their trip to South Africa at

I am sure a number of our members have been to east Africa as well and would be happy to offer advice. Anyone?

As for when we can go that depends on always! I would like to go next Spring, around May. Of course this will be Autumn in SA so I need to find out more about the weather that time of year. I hate really hot weather and it would ruin the trip for me. I spent two summers in Israel and although it is a lovely country I found it hard to enjoy it due to the heat. Therefore I try to avoid this.

I expect you will hear from people who have travelled in east Africa. I hope you get the opportunity to visit there.