Subject: Re: Christmas in New York
Hi Lyn,

My main suggestion for NYC at Christmas is book early. It is already getting late so do it soon. It is the high season for tourism in the city and for good reason. It is so full of life and excitement during the holidays. Sorry I don't have a suggestion for a hotel except to say that if you can't get something in Manhattan there are many business hotels in Secaucus, NJ which give good weekend rates and decent access to the city. It is about a 15 to 20 minute bus ride to mid-town. Or an $18 cab ride to Hoboken where you can catch a Path train (the subway system owned by NJ transit) across the river to Manhattan. Better yet there are ferries that go from Weehawken and Hoboken across the Hudson. The ferry is a great way to get to Manhattan.

At anytime a $2 (each way) ferry ride from the World Trade Center to Hoboken and back is fun at night with the city lit up. If you have more time the Staten Island Ferry is free and runs 24 hours a day.

Of course the first choice is to find a hotel in Manhattan if possible.

For something fun and romantic take a $1 ride on the carousel in Central Park.

Have a merry Christmas, Jude