Subject: Australia bound . . .
We just completed a two and a half month tour of Scandinavia and Estonia. We have already posted a travelogue of the first two weeks in Sweden some time ago and are planning on completing the balance of our trip's events *eventually*. We had a lovely time, but the weather, for summer, was just too chilly and brisk for our liking.

So, we are planning on spending this winter 'down-under' in Australia. We plan on also visiting New Zealand, Tasmania and as many of the Pacific Islands as possible as well. We are tired of only spending a week or ten days in each location where we stop. So, we are asking if there is anyone out there who can help us with an itinerary starting in Sydney, I guess, with suggestions of longer-term rentals, minimum two weeks each. We plan on returning May 15, 2001.

We are considering taking on dual citizenship if this, our second trip to Australia, is as wonderful as last winter. We may even buy a home somewhere probably above the Tropic of Capricorn, which we will make our 'home base'. We love Northern Queensland, but want to give the West Coast a try, too, since we did not have enough time to visit there last year. Australia is as large, land-wise, as the Continental United States, after all.

Any suggestions of places to stay, people to contact, things that cannot be missed, etc., would be greatly appreciated. Marghe and Marty Basiszta.