Subject: Sweden: Stockholm
Hallo again! If some of you're visiting Sweden I'd be glad to give you some information about my country. I think that it has something to offer to all kinds of tourists.

First: Stockholm (our capital) is a beautiful city. It's sometimes compared with Venice because it's built on islands and surrounded by water.

If you're going there I recommend the following places: The old town(even though it's quite touristy). Djurgaarden a nice recreational area with parks, art galleries and nice cafées (Liljevalchs, Blaa Porten, Waldemars udde and Rosendals Gardens). The Museum of Modern Art is also well worth a visit. The southern part of town is the most vivid one. This is the part where people actually lives. Here you'll find lots of nice restaurants, small galleries cafées, bookshops and clubs.

Which accommodation you should choose depends on your budget but It's a good idea to book in advance because sometimes It's difficult to find a room.There are nice youth hostels in the actual center if you want a good but inexpensive alternative. One of them is a boat af Chapman an other is an old prison transformed into a modern hotel and youth hostel Laangholmen.Otherwise there are hotels of all types. I'd recommend one in the old town or in the south part of town, just opposite to the old town. But my favorite hotel is Hotel Esplanad. It's in the center of town near the royal theatre. If you like art nouveau this hotel has a great deal left from that époque.

If you've got the time you have to take a boat into the arqipellague of Stockholm. There are short daytrips or you can choose to stay on some of the islands for a day or two. There are several hotels and pensions and some rally excellent restaurants on the islands.

This was all for today.Next time I'll tell you about The Ice-hotel the Swedish indians (samerna) and skiing or trekking in the mountains in the northern parts of the country.

Agneta :-)