Subject: Naples
Hi , Last April we stayed in Naples and loved it. At night we took taxis and the funicular to Vomero. We had no problem at all. day or night During the day , we walked, took the funicularand buses ...there is lot of bad reputation about Naples but for the last few yeas it has greatly improved thanks to a good Mayor, similar thing like happened in NY..., I guess a good Mayor makes things change.

We had a great time in Naples , of course we were let us say alert/... You have to be careful everywhere someone stole my friends wallet in an elevation at Harrods , London.!!! She is almost certain that it was an elegant gentleman.

In Naples, people were very kind and helpful to the extend that more than once they volunteer to help us.

Our Hotel was really very nice and elegant a lot of old world charm, Grand Hotel Parker. We loved its location but may be it is not for everybody because it is located kind of half way between downtown and Vomero.

Graziella Miami Beach