Subject: Alitalia
Debbie, we can't speak for others' experiences, but the last time we flew Alitalia (business class) we swore it would be the last time, and we have kept the promise. With the exception of a wonderful lady at JFK, everyone else was unspeakable rude, unhelpful to the point of surliness, and lazy. We were offered one drink (on a transatlantic flight, served food that was horrible even by airline standards, and then the flight attendants disappeared for the night, emerging only in time to serve us a bad breakfast. If we wanted anything during the night, there were a couple of bottles of Coke and ginger ale on a table, with a bucket of melted ice.

On our return from Italy, the Alitalia airport personnel were indifferent to outright hostile, and the service once on board was even worse. Never again! Bill &Pat in Baltimore