Subject: Re: Alitalia
Hello Debbie,

It sounds as if flying out of Chicago (on AA) may be your best bet, even though it does seem silly to 'back track'.

I can echo (second hand) the sentiments on Alitalia service. While I've never flown with them, my wife's Aunt and Uncle (who travel a great deal....and yes..I keep trying get them to sign on) flew from Toronto to Rome on Alitalia last year and were summarily unimpressed; from the repeated flight delay (they were scheduled to depart at 7 pm, and didn't take off until 12:40 am (last flight out) to the cabin service which left much to be desired. The trip home was a little better.

I know you want to use your reward miles; but have you looked at flying out of Toronto? Air Canada has a seat sale on right now, and they do fly to Milan (on Air Canada, not a code share with Alitalia!). The (very) strong US dollar would save you 51% off the seat sale fare. You would have to buy the tickets through a Canadian agent (if you buy in from Air Canada in the US, they'll charge you the same fare as any US carrier; and in US dollars). You could use your USAirways points for flights from Pittsburgh to Toronto.

Just a thought........

John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario CANADA