Subject: Re: Christmas in New York
HI Lyn I will be in NY later this month, and hope to report on good dining experiences, but in the meantime here are a couple of suggestions:

1) We ate at Restaurant Daniel in their old location, and found it incredible. Pricey, but not too insane. Well worth it for a special blowout. Haven't been to the new location, but Cafe Boulod is now in the old spot, and I hear it is also very very good, but a tad less formal than the restaurant. Cafe Boulod is on a very pretty street of Upper East Side townhouses. Saw a couple of youngsters outside one of the townhouses, selling lemonade. The chauffer was parked at the curb, supervising them. Quite a sight.

2) If you spring for a meal at one of Daniel Boulod's restaurants, and you're feeling broke afterwards, head way downtown to East 6th St, and its plethora of crowded, cheap and delicious Indian restaurants. A unique NYC experience.

3) Check out the message boards at Chowhound Manhattan; very informative feedback from locals and tourists alike. Here is a link:

Good dining to you, Debbie