Subject: Re: Northern Italy Questions
Hi Debbie,

>My favorite of the lakes, however, is the tiny Lago d'Orta.

I second Joel on this one. We stayed at the Santa Caterina hotel ( which was not on the lake but not too far away. It is a great hotel and Lago D'Orta in the misty sunset is incredible. They have a wonderful web site with tons of information and inviting pictures. We used this as our recover from jet lag day and vowed we will stay here on both ends of any trip going in or out of Malpensa. It was about an hour away - with one or two wrong turns. I think it would be better sign posted to Malpensa.

We did a day trip from Orta, but fled Stresa immediately for the smaller, less frantic Baveno. Perhaps staying in Stresa would be better but being accosted by multitudes of ship captains wanting to take us to the islands was not as pleasant to us as wandering onto the dock and getting the public boat. When the boat docked, the ticket seller grabbed her captain's hat and ran to the dock to tie up the boat and let passengers off and on. When it left, she ran back to selling tickets but removed the hat.

I am ready to go back! Ciao, Janet Riverview, FL