Subject: Re: Rain in Italy
We have visited Northern Italy, several times during October, and found that it can be a rainy season. In fact, one year, there was record rain and flooding, shutting down roads, even portions of the Autostrada. While the cities can offer diversion during the rain, the beautiful countryside and lake region can be disappointing. We would suggest that you have some town/city alternatives, just in case the day's forecast calls for heavy rain. Fortunately, the Autostrada runs close enough to most of the lakes, to be able to whisk you away to a village or town for shopping, sightseeing or antiquity viewing. You might check in with each of the regional tourist offices to see if there is a local festival going on (some are indoors and protected from the weather). The year of the great flood, we stumbled across a couple of fantastic festivals that were the treasures of the trip... one was an Art Deco collection and the other was a pastry decoration competition. Good Luck with the weather and your travels. Roy, Wanda &Dena