Subject: Fw: Naples Report- Hotel Canada WARNING
Hi Arthur,

Having recently sent you the URL for the Hotel Canada, I felt it incumbent upon me to pass this info along from a post on r.t.e.

Regards, Linda

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french room 190,000L

Positively the worst room I have stayed in in my life. Cannot stress enough how bad it was. In a crappy old building near the pier. They bait and switched me on my room (said it was a double and wasn't). Closet-sized, dirty room with no AC and a fan the made so much noise I couldn't talk to my wife. Hotel had run out of toilet paper. Bathroom doubled as the shower stall (like on a boat). I could go on and on and I only stayed for 15 hours!! I have stayed in better 1 star hotels.

The hotel is run by Sea Hotels and I would avoid them too. No respectable hotelier would offer such a room and call it 3 stars. Don't have high expectations for their other properties.

Unfortunately, I don't have much great to say about Naples either. (I sound like a real complainer don't I?) We only planned 1 evening here and walked around a little. Definitely a different feel than other Italian cities. Not unsafe, but definitely a lack of rules. Red lights don't matter here. Decent restaurants don't open until 7:30 or 8pm. (not generally a problem but we had a very early flight home) Can't really recommend Naples but I am glad I got a glimpse of it.