Subject: Re: Strasbourg
Hello Grace- We were in Strasbourg in July. Lovely city. We enjoyed a delicious and authentic Alsatian feast in Le Saint-Sepulchre, 15 rue des Orfévres. Tel. 03 88 32 39 07. Closed Sun., Monday. It's a fun down-home winstub with excellent traditional food. Not fancy at all, but friendly and atmospheric. Cheap too - only about 130 FF a person, with lots of filling Alsatian food. Didn't think I'd like choucroute, but wanted to try it once, and sure enjoyed it there. As for a short afternoon trip, why not drive west to the wine route and head south. The Obernai area is not far south, and there are many charming and intereting villages to explore there. We especially enjoyed the tiny village of Boersch - nestled inside ancient fortified gateways, with much of the 14th century walls still surrounding the town, &a beautiful town square with an impressive Renaissance well. Another charmer in the area is Barr, a picture-postcard village with a lovely fountain and lots of half-timbered houses, Best- Anne in VA