Subject: Re: Christmas in Amsterdam?
Hi Erina,

Your question brought back memories. Many years ago we were in Amsterdam with our kids on Christmas Eve. At that time the city was virtually closed down for the day and we wound up at the only place where we could get a reservation for dinner. It was an Indonesian restaurant, whose name I don't remember, and the special prices that were in effect for that day, were *very* high but we had no other choice so we went. I wish the story had a happy ending but I'm afraid it doesn't. None of us was able to eat the food - beef with peanut butter, etc. wasn't our thing - and most of the food remained uneaten. We all remember the evening though so it wasn't a total loss. It's always good for a laugh. I hope for your sake that things have opened-up a bit now, with the increase in tourism to that beautiful city. You're so lucky to live there.

All the best, Linda