Subject: Re: organized tours (response to Richard)
Richard, you are so right! I do not like tours, because it is up early in the morning and on the bus, and you do not get to see anything for any length of time. I enjoyed my tour to Ireland, because I had a wonderful driver with a tremendous wit, but in general, it is a pain. In fact, I had one tour guide on my trip to Spain. When I got sick from the food, she did not stop me from going home to warn me I must go to a Spanish hospital or doctor, and as a result, I lost $2,000. in travel insurance, because I took the first flight back to the U.S. It is meant for senior citizens who find it difficult to get around on their own such as myself. You do meet some nice people on these tours with whom I have an ongoing letter-writing relationship. My son and I did Paris by ourselves, and being as thorough as he is, we had a fabulous time. If you ever get to the U.S., please look us up. Elaine