Subject: Cutting back (was Thinking aloud)
Graziella and Marguerite wrote about this subject:
> This is always a problem for me - I want to do so much on my vacations, but I
> don't want to have to run everywhere and see everything in a blur! So I
> always have to decide to cut some things out.

I am also doing some trimming on our next planned large trip. I was thinking about Milan>>Lucca>>>Liguria (two different sleeping spots)>>> an Italian lake>>>home.

After researching, I find that there are several events, including a fireworks festival in Recco, that I want to attend, and I am thinking about trimming something so that our time in Liguria can be longer. I think Lucca may have to be cut from this trip, and saved for a future trip through Tuscany..... But less time in Milan is also an option.

Any thoughts out there?

On our last trip to Italy, we moved too fast and went too many places. The result wasn't that any of it was a blur, but that by the time we reached Venice, our final destination, we were too exhausted to do anything.

Thanks, Debbie