Subject: Cutting back
HI, I agree with you Debbie trimming is good , I believe it has to be done with a positive attitude believing that whatever is trimmed now could be done during a future trip. In situ real enjoyment comes from a slower pace and from avoiding the beaten path.. That is why I believe it pays not to travel in high season. This ways it is possible to travel with only a few reservations thus with much more flexibility.

I try to study different options before leaving and then accommodating in situ.

Ok this is theory, but when the moment comes I am always tempted to make the same old mistake to include too many destinations in one trip now I finally have a more compact plan for our next trip, that is, Paris -Sicily visiting Toscana and Basilicata in between but Heavens knows what we shall really do. Probably less than planned ..which hopefully will be better, This way I have alocated 9 nights in Paris with the possibility of spending three in the Borgogne that is only 6 in Paris, 4 in Firenze and 12 more driving in Italy.

One thing I know I am through planning for this trip.

You all graciously gave me a lot of information as well as common sense, I thank you all.!.... Graziella Miami Beach.