Subject: Re: Spas in Slovenia
Hi Radenci is maybe the most famous but I have been at the Catez Spa (Cateske Toplice in Slovenian) about 100 km from Ljubljana on the road to Zagreb (Croatia). It is a quiet and nice place along the Sava river, a few hotels grouped inside a small park, but it has a large outdoor water park with pools, slides and sundeck (sorry the season is wrong!). I stayed at the largest hotel, Hotel Terme, not really a show because it's all gray concrete and a bit worn inside, but it has a private indoor spa pool. The friendly staff speak enough English (tourists are mainly Germans there) and the food is tasty. In fall of 1998 the price for one double room and buffet breakfast was 32,000 SIT (90USD) per night, including free use of spa pool. Other hotels are of smaller size and not all have a private pool. I think cleanliness and quality are quite acceptable. The surroundings offer a magnificent view of wooded hills, old abbeys and castles. If you are leaving next week, be prepared to take a lot of rain! I remember one sunny day out of four in mid September.....