Subject: about Finland and Estonia
Marghe and Marty told about visiting Finland and Estonia in July. Why did you find Tallinn and the people there cold? I have visited Tallinn about 10 times and find it very nice, especially the old town is charming. Maybe the people (in shops) aren't always very polite but that happens in every country. I always enjoy going to Tallinn. I just returned from there some days ago. It's a great place to go shopping as most things are so much cheaper than in Finland (especially clothes and foodstuffs).

I'm happy to hear that you liked Helsinki. How long did you spend there? At which hotel did you stay? What was your general impression about Finland? Let me guess: lakes, forests and no people? How did you like Lappland? Hope there weren't too many mosquitos....

Usually July is warmer than June but you never know. One year most of the summer can be rainy and 10-15 degrees (Celsius), then the next one sunny and 25-30 (or more)!

Tuija in Nokia, Finland