Subject: Re: hello travel group.
Irish Girl,

I haven't been to Ireland yet, but I will make it some day. I'm a huge Waterford fan. I have been to both Greece and Italy last year and both places were incredible for different reasons. Where are you planning on going? First on our agenda was Athens. We stayed in the 'PLAKA' which is a centralized location from which we could walk to the main attractions. We also took a guided tour to better see things like the Acropolis. After Athens we flew to Santorini. On this island we were centrally located in the Fira section, and there were buses that ran all over the island, making it easy to see things like the incredible sunsets in Oia, which is on the other end of the island. We then took a hydrofoil to Mykonos, where we took cabs everywhere (very scary drivers. Renting scooters is also popular). If you visit this island, I would recommend staying in the Hora, which is the main part of town. You could then walk everywhere. We then went back to Athens and flew to Italy.

The best way to travel between Greece and Italy is to take an overnight ferry between the two countries. That way your lodging is paid for and you arrive at your destination the next day. That is one thing I would do differently.