Subject: Eyewitness Guides
The Eyewitness Guides are put out by the Dorling Kindersley publishing company. My husband and I really like them a lot. So far we have used San Francisco, Venice, France, Budapest, Prague, Great Britian and St. Petersburg. They run about $15-20 in the U. S. The are done on slick paper with colored photos. We like t hem because they include a great deal of info. There is historical info on the city or country, sometimes there is architectural info as in Amsterdam where the roofs are of interest or England where the church spires differ, for individual points of interest they give the hours, what buses, metros, trams, etc to take and the stops to get off, as well as the location on the maps included in the book. They give museum layouts etc. They are heavier than a lot of other guides, but we still like them. There is a section on hotels, restaurants and shopping. You might want to check a public library or a book store to get a look at one. Good luck.