Subject: Sites: Madrid,Seville and Granada
Seville has a beautiful Mosque turned Cathedral - the 3rd largest in Europe - after St. Paul's at the Vatican and St.Peter's in London. There's also the Alcazar - a Moorish palace where the royal family would stay. There's also Flamenco dancers at night at different bars.

The main thing to see in Granada is the Alhambra. Beautiful gardens, but very popular - I went in September and had to wait a day for tickets to enter. There's also the Royal Chapel with the tombs of Isabella and Ferdinando, their daughter Juana and her husband Phillip the Fair. (Supposedly, Phillip died young and Juana kept his casket near her bed to kiss him good morning and good night each day!)

Also, Cordoba isn't far - I loved the Mosque there! It's just huge and truly awesome.


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