Subject: Re: Organized Tours
I guess i have to come out in favour of escorted tours with a caveat. I enjoy tours and i enjoy going on my own. I don't mind the up and out every morning, but... for short periods. I don't know how people manage these tours you see in the brochures that last a month!!! 10-12 days is my limit. I just included a 6 day Globus tour through Scotland and that was plenty. You have to realize what tours are about or you will be disappointed. They are only meant to give you an overview of places and things. There will be places you wish you could stay longer and places that you thought you stayed too long. Everything is done for you which appeals to a lot of people.

I've taken tours and i've traveled on my own, at least from city to city with and with out a companion. I expect tours will still be in my future for part of my travel adventures.

I've just returned from nearly a month in the UK, only 6 days of which were tour and will post a travelogue once i figure out how to condense the novel i wrote in my journal! :))

Diane Johnston