Subject: UK travelogue (was: organized tours)
Thanks for the vote of confidence :))) However space is an issue as well, as my 5 mg of free isp space is filling up lol. I store my photos on but the travelogue on my isp. Yes i know there are spaces i could use instead and eventually i expect i'll look into that except i dont' like having to use ad banners. I must admit the last week or so, while i still wrote a lot, i included less detail than usual because i only wrote at the end of the day rather than update through the day and jotted down less historical notes in my notebook. I think a month was probably a little too long to live out of a suitcase!

Be patient with me, it'll probably take me awhile to get to it but i promise i will include hotel and restaurant details where applicable.

Speaking of which, if you use Holiday House to book a hotel in London, avoid the Inverness Court Hotel on Inverness Terrace! The hotel itself is a turn of the century old mansion but the room we had was less than impressive. Small, yes, but we expected that. We had hot water the first day but it got cooler and cooler over the four days there. The carpet was filthy, beds narrow and hard, the only electrical outlet was way in the corner as far away from the mirror as you could get, the outer window had a hole in it, we joked, the size of a bullet hole (about an inch across with cracks in the glass) and the inner sliding doors kept coming off the tracks. WE did mention the hole to the desk staff but nothing was done about it. The only good thing was that it was convenient to the underground, Queensway and Bayswater stations. Avoid.


Diane Johnston