Subject: Morocco
I did a tour of Morocco in August 1999.I was quite disappointed with the experience of taking an organized tour(it was the first time for me,after 27 years of international travelling).The country is interesting,especially the cities.Don't expect to find interesting museums,rather it's the way the old cities(medinas) are laid out ,the pace of life,the great number of craftsmen working in the tiny streets,that make it interesting.I want to warn you that the level of hygiene is below zero.It's very likely to get belly problems whatever the stars of your hotel.The food is awful,anyway,especially in hotels.The three cities you mentioned have three different characters,I rank Marrakech first and Rabat second.People who have toured or trekked the southern part of the country(the desert) say it's better than the imperial towns. In any case you won't be visiting anything virgin,since they're well used to tourists and know how to deal with them(this means they will try to take you in if they can).The arab way of dealing with problems is exhausting.

As you may understand,my opinion is that this country is OK for us italian who are very close to it,but if you have to travel from Australia to the mediterranean,why not choose something more intriguing.I would suggest Egypt.You can combine the cultural side( ancient Egypt is something one can't describe,and today's islamic Egypt is different,but not less interesting than Morocco) with some days of trek in the Sinai area,or even in nearby Jordania which is also great,or even some days of rest on beautiful Red Sea (so you can compare the dives with Australian ones).

Ciao! Leonardo