Subject: Books to read
I am re-reading some pertinent books before leaving for France/Italy next month, and I would like to share with you two of them, Long ago in France by M.F.K. Fisher pertaining Dijon and Paris on the Seine by Blake Ehrlich.

Callie Black wrote:

Have you read On Persephone's Island??? By Mary Taylor Simeti. She'a from the US, married a Sicilian man and moved to Sicily to live. Wonderfully descriptive - I really enjoyed it.

Peter wrote:

Two excellent cookbooks that not only have marvelous recipes but also interesting historical and cultural information about Napoli and Siciliy are, respectively:

Naples at Table by Arthur Schwartz Pomp and Sustenance by Mary Taylor Simeti

Others that I think you will find interesting and informative are:

North of Naples, South of Rome by Paolo Tullio In the Garden of Papa Santuzzi by Tuny Ardizzone Midnight in Sicily by Peter Robb Dances with Luigi by Paul Paolicelli

Eileen recommended: Donna Leon is an American writer who visited Venice and decided to stay. She has written a series of mysteries all set in Venice with an interesting detective (Guido) who helps us understand the politics, socieconomics and demographics of that interesting city and Italy. Michael Dibdin sets many of his mysteries in Italy. These are complex books with a morose detective who also gives us an interesting view of Italian life. Both series are well plotted and written. A treat for us mystery fans.