Subject: Re: New Zealand
Hi Eureka,

I live in Texas. I'm a travel writer - write exclusively about Texas - there's lots to see and do here. My most recent books are Exploring Texas with Children and a guidebook for the Avalon series (formerly John Muir) City*Smart Dallas Fort Worth. I also inspect B&Bs and country inns for an organization called Historic Accommodations of Texas.

Am not sure how to answer that -- just because I totally fell in love with New Zealand and its people! I spent a month there, two weeks on the North Island and two on the South Island. I found the people friendly and helpful - not always the reception for Americans traveling abroad. I did stay at Bed &Breakfasts except for the last night in Aukland.

The scenery is incredible. The variety and contrasts staggering. The food delicious. Just seems like one could spend a lifetime there and never get bored or find a lack of things to do or places to go. I've said many times that had I been single, I'd have called my friend to send me my clothes. . . that's QUITE a statement for me. I've traveled throughout the world and never found anywhere I'd rather live than Texas. Until I went to New Zealand. But my husband seemed to think he had to come back to his job, so. . .

I'll have to make do with those fond memories for a while. Hubby was NOT fond of the loooooong plane ride to get there. We just returned from Maui and were able to fly home first class - he agreed that made quite a difference, so maybe there's hope -- so now all I need is 200,000 frequent flyer points. BTW, I'll vote with those who would use lottery winnings to fly first class forever!!

What part of NZ do you live in?