Subject: Scandinavia
Hi Ziners,

I'd like to share some practical info just received from our relative in Israel regarding her trip last summer to Scandinavia:

I must tell you about our trip to Scandinavia. We had a wonderful time and as the dollar is high Europe is not expensive. We stayed at very good hotels, the Scandic Hotel Chain. In Stockholm we paid 140 US Dollars, that was the most expensive, Gothenburg 100 the same in Oslo. We also stayed in a smaller town and there it was only 75. You get an excellent breakfast, it is more like a lunch. In Bergen we stayed at SAS Radisson because the Scandic hotel is a bit out of town. There we also paid 140. If you travel to Scandinavia with SAS you get a special price for the flights you make in Scandinavia. The price is 75 dollars per flight which is really cheap. We flew between Stockholm and Bergen for this price. Bergen is absolutely beautiful and the road you travel from Bergen to Oslo is out of this world. We rented a car in Bergen that we returned in Oslo. From there we took the train to Gothenburg. We were away for 16 days and we had a wonderful time.

Cheers! Linda