Subject: Greenwich Village Parade (was:NYC)
Unfortunately, this year's Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is on Halloween night, and, as I mentioned in my original post, we will be home by then, but your advice is on the money. In my opinion, this is the best parade I have ever seen. Truly inventive, fun, funny, and a rousing good time. Two years ago, my husband, my brother and myself marched in the parade. We had a ball. Anyone with a costume can march in the parade.

I have a web site that I will include a link for:

By the way, in hunting down this link for the Parade, I found more information on Halloween events NYC. So thanks for the prod. ;-)

For those of us who cant be there :-( the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is televised, and the information is on the website.

One more Halloween note: my brother just returned from London, and he told us that American style Halloween is becoming very popular there. I was wondering, does this include Trick or Treating? Parties, dances, and parades?

Have a spooky one, Debbie