Subject: Re: Trip to Greece
Hi everyone,

In response to the question from George and Marta:

I am not familiar with Golden Sun Cruises but last month Peter and I spent a week of our 2 week vacation in Greece on a 7 day Greece-Turkey cruise with Insight Travel. We were on the Stella Solaris Ship. I'm sure it's the same itinerary. It was the first time that either of us had ever taken a cruise or a planned vacation of any kind. We did it because we couldn't decide on which Greek islands to visit. We spent 3 days in Corfu on our own, a week on the cruise and then finished with a few days in Athens on our own again. On the upside, the cruise was a terrific way to get a glimpse of many spectacular greek islands...we saw so much and made the most out of every minute...a half day in Crete, a day in Rhodes, sunset in Santorini, an afternoon and evening in Mykonos, a morning in Patmos and a day and a half in Istanbul and Kushadasi. More picture taking opportunities than you can imagine! I loved arriving everywhere by water. What a breathtaking first sight of Istanbul! When we chose organized land excursions, the local guides were informative and entertaining. We often opted to tour on our own...rented a car for the day in Rhodes...rented a scooter in Mykonos...strolled through Patmos. On the downside, we didn't like eating most breakfasts and dinners on the ship. We prefer discovering the local specialties everywhere we go. And we wished we could stay a little longer in every place we stopped. It was a beautiful whirlwind tour and it certainly made us want to return to Turkey and Greece on our own soon.