Subject: travel to Greece
Hi In responding to George and Marta ,.... more or less the same thing happened to us, and we found the short cruise trip acceptable as Nicole and Peter did, one thing I must emphasize: it is more fun and much, much less money to do on your own all the land excursions. Taxis are waiting at the different Ports. The ideal is to find another couple on board to share, the savings are tremendous. Also in a taxi you can leave immediately no need to wait for 40 other passengers. For instance in Rhodas we hired a taxi all day for $50 per couple, which was probable a lot for him, saving $130 per couple , not only we were taken to more attractions but at our request he took us swimming at a beautiful little beach and to lunch in lovely restaurant, and guess what....he took us to his house to meet his family over a glass of limonade. have fun.