Subject: Sharry: New Zealand
Hi Sharry

Thanks for you informed letter about what you do. Do you get to travel heaps, so you can write about it and different accommadation places. That sounds like fun! I would like to check out your book Exploring Texas with children', as I am a child worker.

I am amazed at what you thought of New Zealand, that you raved about it so much, when you only visited here for a month. I guess since I have lived here all my life so far, I wanna travel more out of the country. But I have visited other countries already and glad I had the experience. So many New Zealanders are moving away, to at lest Australia. It seems like there is no much going for us here, it is hard to find jobs, as such small cities. I guess it depends what you look for or wanna do in New Zealand or any place for that matter. I guess I have a lot of my life still to live, have fun and be adventurous in other countries, such as Africa!!!

But I do think Bed and Breakfast places are great to stay at. I stay in the North Island, the place with the best weather of all. I'm not bosting!!! LOL

Ah! Don't get me too wrong, I still thing New Zealand is a beautiful country, so much space, country side, nature and fresh air. Great for walks and tramps etc. There are special people here too!! Ha Ha!

Happy travelling, I hope you do get to at least visit New Zealand once again, so hard about your husband

'eureka' living in the wonderful country of Aotearoa, New Zealand