Subject: Joachim: East Africa
Hi, Kia ora, Jambo Joachim

Thanks for the information on Kenya. I look foward to hearing about Tanzania too. You sure are great at giving a wide arrange of information on it, so much so that I couldn't think of any questions to ask. LOL Yes it is me that is keen on going to Africa.

I like eating steak, so you think I should go to Nairobe and I wanna check out the markets. I wanna hear the sound of those Africa drums and a wide variety of African music. I have a CD of an 'African children's choir'.

That must of been annoying when you lost all the addresses in your address book. I am prepared as I have heard that happen to a few people. I was told to save the list on disk, but heard it takes up alot of space, even though it is easy to up-date that. So instead I typed it out and printed it. I just have to remember to keep it up to day.

You say you are a bushman, what does that actually involve? What country do you live in now? I thought the CA in your e-mail address would stand for Calfornia, am I right???

All the best, I enjoy reading your e-mails.

Kwakeri (good bye) 'eureka'

New Zealand