Subject: Re: Re: New Zealand
I just got some brochures for a trip to New Zealand towards the end of November. I like the idea of stay put vacations, e.g., one is called Christchurch Nature. You spend four days and three nights in Christchurch, and do your sightseeing from there. Then you pick up a Queenstown stay put vacation which will take you to Fiordland World Heritage Park, Cruise Lake Mariapouri. There is a catamaran cruise on Doubtful Sound and return to Te Anau. There is also a cruise on Milford Sound to the Tasman Sea. Return to whart at Milford Sound, and then coach back to Queensland. What do you think? Should I add two more days to see Franz Josef/Tranzalpine Train and then back to Christchurch and home? I have never been to New Zealand, but on Nov. 23rd, I will be seventy one, and I think this is the best way to go. Do you? I would appreciate any opinions, as I am anxious to see New Zealand. I don't even know what airfair cost. Thank you. Elaine