Subject: Re: Joachim: East Africa
Jambo Erica:

Thank's for your reply. I hope my info will be of some assistance to you.

Well, I should have backed up all my addresses, but I am receiving about seventy news reports every day of which I have to save over half and that takes up so much time that I constantly postponed .... and postponed ....

I don't live in California, although many white Southern Africans settled down there and they love it. I am slugging it out in rougher climate; I live in Toronto, Canada, at the moment. Down the road I might well move to somewhere else again, but have not yet looked for opportunities.

There is certainly no shortage of drums in Africa. It is probably the greatest place for non-commercialized singing, music, and dancing. You will have opportunities from Dar Es Salam to Mombasa and Nairobi, and in the villages. IF YOU LIKE REAL GOOD SINGING AND CHOIRS GO TO AFRICAN CHURCHES THERE ON A SUNDAY OR SATURDAY.

BEFORE I FORGET AGAIN: 1)The best time for viewing game in the park is shortly after sunrise, alternatively an hour before sunset. Ask locals or game ranger where animals go to for watering. Since most animals are constantly on the move, ask them also in what areas the game you are looking for has been spotted last. Big cats can be seen during the day-time, but you get the most exciting viewing at night. Every large park has organized night-tours. 2)Never buy african art and crafts in a shop; always at a local market. They sell the same, but much cheaper, and you can haggle over the price. 3)Never take a taxi without asking for the price before or arranging one. Arrangements can also be made with taxi drivers for a whole day. Let employees of international hostels do this for you. They usually also organize the least expensive car rentals, meaning rental costs can vary as much as 100%.

4)Never be stingy on insurance when renting a car in Africa. Most agencies have complete insurance cover which excludes any payment by you, if you damage the car.

!!5)If you travel budget you will find International Hostels a treasure box of information from affordable tours, including daily, to lifts, including cross-border, to several people linking up for sightseeing or travelling together. Give it a serious thought, because Bed and Breakfast isolates you from many opportunities and update information.

6)On international flights it is sometimes possible to arrange a different arrival and destination airport within the same country without any extra costs; check this out.

7)Lately, chinese travel agencies have proven to sell the least expensive air tickets, including all the major airlines. You may have some in NZ.

Bushman is just a nickname for whites (as opposed to City Slickers) who spend most of their time in the bush; e.g. we have diamond prospectors who live in the Kalahari desert for 2 to 3 months before they return to a city for supplies. Then they usually catch up on entertainment.

I will send you some info on Tanzania sometime next week. If you have done any route planning already, especially on where you will arrive and from where you will depart, you could let me know details. I might have an idea or two. Until then

my best regards Joachim