Subject: RE: Covadonga's India and Nepal
Well ... we did manage to get 50 minutes at the Taj. Some of us decided that it wasnīt fair such a short time, so we stayed for a bit longer there and we were able to see the changing of the colours. Itīs really amazing, and it was more than enough for all the disappointments we got with our tour. Of course, afterwards we got severely reprimanded at the bus, and we were told that as a punishment, we would not be able to stop at a planned shop on the way to Jaipur. A fair punishment, I should say.

Paolo, did you see the dancing bears on the road to Jaipur? I felt so sorry for them. Our bus stopped once to allow us to take photographs (I didnīt), and just seeing those poor animals, in the middle of the heat and dust...

I think my only problem with the tour was that it was way too big (27 people), lots of differences between the people travelling, and the lack of professionality of our accompanying guide and some of the local guides. Afterwards we have met some friends here in Bilbao who were able to organize their own tour, maybe 4 or 5 people with an english-speaking driver and local guides. Of course, you have to know some reliable TA in India, but I think we wouldnīt have spent much more, and we would have enjoyed it more.

Have a nice monday, everybody.

Rgds from Covadonga in Bilbao