Subject: London and York trip
Once again I am in the midst of planning a trip to England and need some help. We will leave May 24 and return June 17. My one week grew and grew, I just hope the bank account will too.

Virgin Atlantic now flies direct from Vegas to Gatwick so we are taking this airline. I have never flown into Gatwick. Any ideas for a hotel for the first night there while I fight off jet lag? We will pick up our rental car at the airport so will have transportation.

Week one: Timeshare in Straford Upon Avon. I've been there on day trips and once just over night on a tour. I would like ideas of other things to do. I love Warwick and we will return to that castle but any other places? Are there any great gardens in the area? Historic homes?

Week two: Driving to York. I need help finding a self-catering two bedroom flat/cottage/holiday home in York. Any ideas?

I will be doing genealogy on this part of the trip and going to Hull a couple times on the train. Does anyone know a site where I can find out about that doesn't ask for station names, since I don't know the names.

Does anyone know about local transporation in and about Hull. I need to also get to Beverly which has a archive.

There is suppose to be a village in Yorkshire that is somewhat like Williamsburg...original, restored and built to be like a village at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Does anyone know what I am thinking of?

I've been in the city of York but now with the car we can drive out and about...any favorite town/villiages/sites not to miss?

Week Three: London....staying (I think) at the flats of Scala House. Does anyone know this apartment building? Has anyone been to the new Tate? Comments?

Thanks, Beth Sloan