Subject: Iced drinks ( was Re: Business vs pleasure travel)
Hi folks,

Marguerite wrote:

>I've been in McDonald's in every country I've been in to
>buy drinks - I've found it difficult outside of the U.S. to get a full glass
>of ice with my drink

I've been twice in the U.S. and I've found extremely difficult NOT to have a full glass of ice with my drink. That huge amount of ice disturbs me in two ways: a) I prefer moderately cold drinks rather than iced ones b) You pay for ice, rather than Coke---I came to understand this when I realized that in some low budget restaurants they refill your glass with Coke for free.They're just giving you what you didn't get with the first glass!

While we are on this subject,I also found very difficult to get a glass of hot milk in the USA.Most waiters in breakfast places would tell us that only cold milk (directly from the fridge) was available,and only in a few restaurants I managed to convince them that by just putting that glass of iced milk in a microwave oven for 30 seconds, my child could have her favourite breakfast item. BTW I can't see how one's stomach can tolerate iced milk as a first drink early in the morning.

Said all that, I'm still trying to fit into foreign countries' culture as much as I can...

Have a good day, Leonardo