Subject: Re: Airfares and booking hotels
I try to keep abreast of the Web sites for finding airfares; a new one has come to my attention at . Often the different search engines show different fares at the same time; QIXO searches across the different sites and consolidator sites for international travel. It gives the first results quickly and keeps refreshing the results as more sites respond; note on the side of the screen if it says that several sites have timed out; you may want to check some of those sites directly. QIXO says it's adding hotels and car rentals soon; this could be useful (I'm speaking strictly as a consumer).

For hotels I generally get good results from the site of Travelers Advantage of which I am a member, but I'm not sure if it's worth the dues. I'm usually just looking for a room at a low price and a location I can understand. I have a few more weeks before I see how the cheap place I've booked in Lisbon works out.

Andrew St. Joseph, Missouri