Subject: Booking hotels online
Hi Gang, Day 2 in Sydney, but we had to spend part of it looking for a better room in the hotel we had booked online, the Gazebo. We had a beautiful view of the entire bay from 16 floors up, but the confirmed non-smoking room had an ashtray in it and the pillowcases smelled of smoke (maybe it was the rugs or walls).

Today we took the ferry to Manley, walked from our hotel to the ferries, through the Botanic Gardens again but a different route. The trip to Manley is short but beautiful. We took a city bus to the north beaches of Manley and then had a fantastic sushi lunch there for all of 35 USD. Try to do that in the States! We took the bus all the way back to Sydney, driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Wow. The people over here are just not to be believed: so friendly and helpful. We were looking at our map after we got back to Sydney and a total stranger walked up and said: can I help you find you way, Mates? We are still looking for better accomodations, but in the meantime, we are enjoying Sydney. Tomorrow we scout out a good East Indian restaurant to blend in with our walking and touring.

Regards, Marghe and Marty.