Subject: Destinations that change one's life
I totally agree with Mark May in that I think ALL travel changes one's life and it would be difficult to name one place that has meant more to me than any other, since each one changes one's life in different ways. The memory of a Masai village in Tanzania and sitting in one of the low, smoky, dark huts, holding hands with a Masai woman I could not see certainly is one I will never forget; on the other hand, the sheer beauty of the rolling purple waves of heather in August on the North York Moors of England is so breathtakingly beautiful that that is another impression I will hold with me forever, as is flying in a small plane over the snow-covered glaciers and mountains of the interior of the Svalbards Islands or over the erupting Mt. Ruapahu (did I spell that wrong) on the North Island, New Zealand -- and on and on and on. Each is precious and changed my perceptions of the world. Like Mark, we will continue travelling for just these reasons. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore