Subject: One Travel
Travel One is a continuation of a company that's been on the web for at least a couple of years that I know of. I found it when I was trolling for a cheap ticket - to Wisconsin if I remember rightly. At that time it was and I was thrilled because it was FAST and with perseverence, cheap.

Then it became

They seem to have merged at least twice and now they are still fast and cheap and can be reached at:

I'm sorry if I sound like a walking advertisement but it seems so rare to be so pleased with service these days! I even booked a round trip recently from Bologna to San Francisco returning to Bologna, Apr.1 - Apr. 30 for $555. Not many sites have I found to book FROM overseas and fewer still for the price!

I'm just afraid that being so good they wont last! They'll probably be mergered to death!

Barbara McCarthy San Francisco Bay Area