Subject: Come visit New Zealand
Hi Group: Elaine, Marco and any others who are coming to new Zealand

For any of you visiting New Zealand and any one else thinking of it. Do you like the warmer weather, the best is Summer time then, which is November, February, March. Not much rain then, it can get up to 30oC, especially December. What sort of things would interest you here in New Zealand? There is lots of walks or tramps if you enjoy the bush, eg lots of native walks around. I am not really into that.

But there are many Bus tours that can take like a month, around most of the country, or just see some of the major Hightlights New Zealand is know for. Like the Maori culture, being welcomed on the Marae, is called a Powhiri, pressing noses together - hongi is their way on greeting you. Seeing sheep shorned, as sheep is big time here, lots of farms, and cows milk. Rotorua has lots of cultural things, if you want just a quick visit. The Thermal pools of Rotorua are popular, but you get get a certain smell with that.

Sorry i don't know much about Tours, but you can check the Internet. A good New Zealand Search Engine is or try out has some great information.

(I know Marco this is not what you are really interested in.) Here are some Bus companies that offer country-wide tours, 'Waipawa Buses' 'Nimons Buses' 'Newmans Coach Lines' 'Intercity Coachlines'

That should offer some useful information 4 you! Doesn't it make it simple 2 be able 2 check information on the Internet of places you want 2 find out about at your own pace. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me and I will try and help.

Hope 2 hear back from you! Please tell me about your plans.

'eureka' New Zealand