Subject: Re: Sue Security Questions on Turkey
Hi Sue:

I know Turkey fairly well. Although I have not been there recently, I was there during a time of another middle-east crisis. Here is my advice: The route you are taking, and most parts beyond it, including Adana and Mersin, are safe. Although, the predominant religion is Islam, it has no impact on the people and the government. Turkey is not an arabic country, and the middle-east conflicts have never affected visitors.

However, I suggest that you do not go to areas where the Kurdish-Turkish conflict brews. Although it is on alow level at the moment. Specified, it is the outmost eastern area around Mount Ararat, and along the Iranian border; i.e. less than 10% of the country. The whole of Anatolia is yours. Enjoy Turkey's exotic and historic places along the coast, but there are many treasures in the interior too. Most of all enjoy the overwhelming hospitality of the people there.

My best regards Joacim