Subject: Re: Suggestions wanted--Prague, Budapest, and Trieste
hallo, first of all, dobry den means hi, but good bye is nashledanou:-) i'm from the czech republic myself and i guess don and linda wrote very true and nice description of addition, here is my recommendation: i don't want to talk too much about sights because you can find all historical info on internet, but i'd just sort it out what is worth it to be seen places to see: vysehrad - the first castle in prague from the 9th century...actually you can see just ruines now and an old chapel but it's quite impressive..there's also a cementary where famouse people of european cultural life are burned hradcany - prague castle - st.vitus cathedral - impressive gothic cathedral - they started to build it in the 10th century and remodelled it many times...actually, the construction works had been finished in this century :-) stare mesto - astronomical clock - old town square, charles bridge (built in the 14th century and the builders added eggs into the morter to make it stronger:-) jewish quarter - synagogue mala strana - a romantic place national theatre cities to visit outside prague - karlstejn (castle), kutna hora (st. barbora gothic cathedral) - cesky krumlov (medieval city, protected by unesco) - karlovy vary (famouse spa, full of russian people now) - ...i wouldn't vote for terezin unless you're interested in the ww2 history...there is just a museum now places to stay in prague - all those big hotels are available on internet....depends what class of hotel you want to stay in - there are very expensive hotels and there are also cheap hotels with quite good equipment - for instance, there is a hotel in hloubetin area, slevacska 744 street...15 minutes from the downtown by metro for CZK 250 per night ($1 = CZK 40)...but there are also hotels for 2-8 k per night...i guess, the best way would be to stop at the main railway station and there are info centers...they can you provide with an offer of may hotels (from about 1000 czk and more)and private accomodations... places to eat: now, prague belongs to cities with variety of world cuisines...there are many good restaurants...but be careful, the waitress usually overcharge foreignors !!...unfortunatelly, i must confess it :-( you can find good restaurant for instance at staromestske namesti czech specialities to eat: vepro, knedlo, zelo - stewed pork, cabage and dumplings (boiled round stuff made of flour, eggs, water and bread) - but the best dumplings are potatoe dumplings (bramborove) ovocne knedliky - also dumplings but sweet, filled with fruit (plums - svestkove, blueberries - boruvkove etc)...very good and you mustn't forget to taste czech beer - pilsner, budweiser (yes, it's czech original), staropramen etc warning: don't trust anybody...especially waitress, taxi drivers and gypsies (i'm not a rasist but they might cause you troubles) well, i guess that's enough for this page...if you want to more know, you can write on my e-mail Monika