Subject: Slow Food (was fast food)
Hi Graziella!!! It's been a long time since I haven't had the time to read the travelzine and to write to you all. I'm still a proud member of the Slow Food movement and in these days in Torino there is the (I try the translation, sorry for this!) Tasting exhibition(?) or Salone del Gusto. This is abig exhibition where you can taste great food from all over Italy and the rest of the world. The best Chef are here to show and let people taste their wonderful food and are exhibited the most genuine food, which could disappear soon, due to the globalization and the restricted Law, e.g. in Europe. You can taste, eat drink and buy. There is a great selection of the best wines that only in special moments like this you have the chance to taste (even because bottles are really really expensive and here you pay a good amount to taste them). And until the end of november all over Piemonte there are specific restaurant which have accepted to let some very important chef using their kichen. This is a special chance we have every 2 years, and tonight I'm going to go there :))

Ciao from the sunny Torino, Italy